Equalization with Andrea Zuccari

Deep Dive Dubai, the deepest pool in the world, is providing another excellent opportunity to hone your skills and take your game to the next level. 

Gain tremendous value training with world-renowned equalization instructor, Andrea Zuccari. Whether you dive with scuba or breath-hold you will learn comprehensive equalization techniques from the master himself, and walk away with more interest and knowledge than ever before! Choose the workshop that meets your needs and dive in the comfort and safety of a controlled diving environment.

March 16 to 19, 2023


Optimize equalization to 30m

This class is for you if you are freediving up to depths around 30m and looking to become more efficient and gain a better understanding of equalization techniques. A freediving certification is required to join the in-water session.

DURATION 8 hours with a 1.5 hour in-water session. 

DATE March 16, 2023



Optimize your Frenzel technique to dives below 30m

This class is for you if you are diving to a depth around 25-30 metres comfortably but looking to extend the range of your equalization. This workshop helps develop fundamental techniques used in mouthfill. This class is recommended before attempting mouthfill techniques. A freediving certification is required.

DURATION 16 hours, up to 3 hours in-water practice (1.5 hours per day).

DATE March 16 and 17, 2023




Mouthfill is a technique that largely removes equalization limits. Develop an understanding of this technique in our one-day workshop. A freediving certification is required.

DURATION 8 hours total, 1.5 hours in-water practice.

DATE March 18, 2023


Equalization for scuba divers

This comprehensive program will deep dive into the many subtle actions for an optimal and easy equalization on every dive. Gain a much deeper understanding of this important skill while making your dives more enjoyable. If you experience any trouble with equalization, this is an invaluable course.

DATE March 19, 2023  

DURATION 8 hours including dive. 
A scuba diving certification is required.
DURATION 6 hours excluding dive. No certification required.


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Guided Scuba Dive up to 60m (must be certified Trimix diver to 60m)

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